Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So I searched the web for a perfect picture to go with my kids' new nicknames!

My brilliant sis-in-law, nickname yet to be determined, suggested that I give nicknames from books I like.  SO SMART!  It seems appropriate that my kid's nicknames come from children's books.  When I was little I loved Richard Scarry's books.  In fact I loved them so much that I nicknamed (yes there was a time in my life that I was a fearless nicknamer) my first boyfriend Huckle after Scarry's Huckle Cat.  Okay, so I was in kindergarten at the time and he was only my boyfriend because we had the exact same birthday, but calling him Huckle was a true sign of affection from me.  So from this day forward my kid's will officially be:

Oldest Boy, age 6: Huckle Cat - will probably shorten this to Huck 
Youngest Boy, age 17 months - Lowly Worm (Huckle's best friend) - will probably shorten this to Worm

Please see the photo of Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm for which  I tediously searched the web. Finding the photo really clinched the nicknames for me.

Stay tuned for future literary based nicknames.  Did I mention how smart my sis-in-law is?

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  1. Me likey! Did you get approval from Huck? I'm sure Worm won't mind either way...and his Big Jim will like that name, but I'm worried that the boy formally known as Jaguar will have some sort of issues with being Huck! Can't wait to see what my name will be! Did you come up with something for Dumptruck? That will be the really fun one!