Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So I thought I'd start a blog

I have about 40 minutes to start this thing up before I have to head over to the elementary school to read to Jack's class.

Okay, so I think I already broke a blog rule.  Aren't you supposed to nickname everyone in your blog to protect their identities?  Here's the deal: I'm not much of a nicknamer.  I call my hubby typical stuff like babe.  I call my kids silly stuff like sugar-booger.  Overall, not creative or even descriptive as far as nicknames go.  

Jack & I have been playing a little game at bedtime where we think of alternate words for things and then try to have conversations using only our alternate words.  Mostly we just start cracking up so the conversations haven't gotten too far.  For now I will use our alternate names for everyone.  This is to protect my family's identity from the tens of thousands of people out there who are sure to read my blog .... yeah.

Oldest child, boy, age 6: Jaguar
Youngest child, boy, 17 months: Carrot
Hubby, age 38: Dumptruck
Me, age 35: Milkshake

When Dumptruck first heard his nickname he was not at all flattered.  Gee, really?  Also, Carrot actually hates carrots, Jaguar is a very slow runner & not at all sneaky (wouldn't a real Jaguar be both?) and I am lactose intolerant.  All-in-all, these nicknames SUCK IT!  So lets consider these my "working nicknames" and move on.

So what am I supposed to write now?  I guess I could try to explain the name of my blog: I'm really not that busy.  Honestly, I'm just really not that busy.  Most of my days follow a quiet rhythm.  I have the usual morning & evening flurries of activity, but in between things are pretty mellow for Carrot & me while Jaguar is at school.  

Okay I feel stupid writing those nicknames and promise to work on better ones.  If you are reading this and know me personally - who am I kidding, why would you be reading this if you didn't know me personally?  Anyway, dear reader, if you are a nicknamer please help me.  Send nickname suggestions for my hubby & two boys to my email.  I promise to give you credit.  However I will have to give you a crappy nickname in the blog in order to give you credit unless you suggest your own nickname or give me permission to use your name.

Back to the blog's name.  Where was I ... quiet rhythm, flurries of activity.... yuck, I need to work on my prose.  Anyway, I am not one of those over-scheduled, always on the go sort of moms.  I like to say that I am well balanced, but quiet possibly I am just a lazy ass.  I'm sure I will explore this in excruciating detail in many blogs to follow.

Got to go, time for a break in the quiet rhythm.


  1. I was all over this until I saw that I would be assigned a nickname as well. Then I became afraid, very afraid.

  2. I read a blog and the mom calls her kids Alex and Mallory because she was a big fan of Family Ties! That's pretty funny...do you have a favorite sitcom? You're not much of a tv person. Maybe you have some favorite book characters or something. I personally think Carrot and Jaguar are funny. And of course I think Dumptruck is quite fitting. You could call him Big Ass, or whatever the little guy from Seinfeld is. That'd really make his day! I'll be interested to see what you come up with for me!

  3. Man I was so going to refer to you as Encephalitis. However, I promise to nickname you Big E.

  4. Wow, the sisterly love is overwhelming! Of course he deserves it for the boring drivel comment. Maybe I will let J come up with your nickname. He is the creator of Dumptruck. If I call him George from Seinfeld then you are going to have to get a bigger place because he will divorce me and I will be forced to bring myself & my kids and all our crap to live with you. I do like the book character idea, will have to mull that one over.