Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So I spent all afternoon at the elementary school

I mentioned earlier that I was going to read to J's class (just can't hang with aforementioned nicknames).  Those kids love me and so far the feeling is mutual.  I figure I need to get to know them now before they become little thugs that I want to keep my kid away from.  I'm not kidding.  Look around any kindergarten classroom in America and you will find some kids that are going to be shitty teenagers.  I'm not claiming my kid won't be one too, I just want to know whose name to raise an eyebrow over in a few years.  Aside from that, I really do like to read to those little boogers.

Several weeks ago I volunteered to make a big sheet for all the kids in school to sign tomorrow as part of drug prevention week.  They sign the sheet as a pledge to be drug free.  I have no artistic talent whatsoever so it took me forever and isn't as cool as I envisioned.  Whatever. After it was finished, I ended up staying until school let out helping get the PTA newsletter copied, stapled and distributed to the entire school.  I'm really not that busy (plus C spends Tuesday with Grandpa), so I didn't mind helping. 

What I DID mind was the other people who stood around and watched me work and didn't offer to help.  Really?  You came to hang out in the workroom of your kid's elementary school and watch other parents work.  I thought my life was boring and slightly pathetic (quiet rhythm is really just my euphemism for boring & pathetic) until I saw these folks.  This is my first year as a school mom so I don't want to start off on the wrong foot with anyone.  In other words, I kept my pie hole shut, but I really wanted to say something.  Chances are I could have just said, "hey here's two stacks of paper, will you please sort and staple them?"  But I didn't and so now I am just going to bitch about it after the fact.  Sometimes I'm like that.  


  1. You are on the right track.

    I promise you could pick out the thuglets from the pack with over 90% certainty of which ones will achieve incarceration before age 25.

    Put the parents into the mix, and the accuracy rating could jump to 99%.

    Oh, by the way, I obviously am not that busy either.

  2. I'm not that busy either. Well, I probably COULD be...but I choose not to be! This is much more fun!