Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was going to be lazy today and not write anything, but I have to tell you about Huck....

We were having Sonic for dinner because promising Worm french fries was the only way I could get him to leave the pool. Huck ordered a corn dog and Worm wanted a "hamgerger." However, once Worm got a good look at the corn dog, he changed his mind (he has inherited my love of all foods served on sticks).

Truck and I tried to purposefully misunderstand what Worm was wanting. "You want a drink of my soda?" "You want some ketchup?" "You want the toy?" We didn't really expect it to work, but you gotta try, right?

Finally, I looked at Huck and said, "If you trade dinners with him I'll take you back to Sonic tomorrow."

HOLY COW I LOVE THAT KID! He handed his corn dog over to his baby brother with a smile. No whining. No eye-rolling. No bemoaning the lack of fairness.

I heaped praise on him and told him I was going to tell everyone I know what a great big brother and all-around fabulous person he is.

He basked in the glow for a minute and then asked, "Are you going to blab about this?" I said, "Sure, I'm telling everyone who'll listen." He replied, "No, I mean on your blab. Are you going to put this on the internet?"

Hell yeah, dude.


  1. That's my boy. 2 visits to Sonic is worth a dumb ol' corndog! He ain't stupid! Plus he's sweet and considerate...but it's always to be that way when there's a good pay off to be had!

    He still eats boogers though...

  2. Honestly, I don't think he cared about the second trip to Sonic. He is just that nice.

    He is sleeping, therefore unable to defend himself against your defamatory comments. I feel the appropriate response is - I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

  3. I love your 'blabbing' . . .don't ever stop!