Friday, July 3, 2009

Wormainian is being phased out

We've had some recent breakthroughs in Worm's language development. This week he started saying his own name instead of calling himself baby. The cutest thing is that he makes it plural. Of course I might have nightmares tonight about Worm sextuplets or Worm clones.

Also, we got him to say I love you. Sort of. It comes out more like 'luggie'. Hearing him say 'Luggie, Daddy' and 'Luggie Mama' is precious. Multiple Worms chasing me with outstretched arms and snotty noses screaming LUGGIE MAMA, not so much. Man, I'm really setting myself up for a terrible night.

P.S. Huck did not get a trip to Sonic today. He and Truck spent 5 (million) hours on the golf course, and then we all went out to eat at a real restaurant. He did get to pick the restaurant and did not have to share his food with anyone. I consider that fair. But, if he asks I won't deny him that extra Sonic trip. He deserves it.


  1. Oh...I hope he luggies me after next week!!!

  2. Huck has been working on getting him to say 'luggie [jo]'