Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Preparations for San Dub-Ya

We're going to San W on Saturday. That's San Diego for those who don't read every word I write plus all the comments. Oh and possibly a few personal texts between me and Jo. So, yeah, you probably don't get that, sorry.

Hey? You don't read every word I write plus all the comments... why the hell not?

Anyway, the preparations for this trip are kinda eating into my 'not that busy' time. It'll be Worm's first experience with air travel. I'm driving myself crazy making sure I've thought of everything he might need for a safe and comfortable trip. I'm scared shitless concerned that he will have a mid flight freak out and the one thing I decided to leave home is the only thing that will calm him down. At the same time, Truck is a work-week travel snob. I have to keep the carry-ons reasonable so I don't have to listen to endless sentences starting with "It's travelers like you..."

Plus, I'm a travel wimp. I get scared during take-off, every mid-flight bump makes me yelp, and landing always makes me nauseated. I puked during the landing of our honeymoon flight to Cancun. Romantic!

So, don't become overly alarmed if Homeland Security announces a sudden rise in the domestic flights threat level on Saturday. It's just me, Pukey McSherpa Pants, with a barf bag in one hand and the entire contents of her toddler's bedroom strapped to her back, screaming at her husband to just shut the eff up already!


  1. I laughed so hard when I read this I snorted! Please, when you get back, be 'not busy' with me! (and yes, I will keep asking and begging until you give me a date and time or tell me 'hell no') Or maybe, just maybe, you, Cheryl and I could hit the drive inn for old times sake!!

  2. We'll be fine. If the brat screams the whole way there, he screams the whole way there! We'll still get there either way and we're going to have an awesome time. And no worries about have me on your side. And he may be mean, but you and me together are no match for him. Plus Huck will always side with us too!

    But...if Huck and I act like we don't know the three of you on the plane, don't be offended. We'll reconnect in San W and play the happy family then. We just might not want to be associated with Satan's Spawn in your row of seats!!! I'll just toss suckers and other randome candies to him from afar and hopefully that'll keep him quiet!

  3. And "randome" is just a fancy way of saying random...just added a little flair to it cuz that's how I rolle!

  4. Jo, I'm working on "Luggie [Jo]" with Worm. There is no way you will deny him if he says it.

    Truck isn't mean, just grumpy when he can't travel lean and mean. I can totally ignore grumpy. Or I could channel my inner Kate Gosselin and give him a verbal beat down in public. ( Tongue in cheek again, people. She's a shrew, he's a man boy, let's leave them alone to eff up their kids in private.)

    I was going to ask if randome candies were French, but I see your clarificatione.

  5. Yes...the randome candies will be French...tootsie rolles (actually pops, but popes didn't sound right) and other various and assorted candies. Don't be jealous, I'll share with you too!

  6. I've found that dvd's and lollipops are the key to toddler travel. just pace them with the lollipops! I ran out too soon my last trip and during the descent ended up with both the 2 year old and the 4 year old screaming at the top of their lungs. the situation was so out of control that everyone around us just started laughing. it was actually sort of funny. oh, my other tip, which works better with babies but is still worth a shot, is to make sure everyone on the plane sees the kid while he is acting very very cute, such as when they are boarding and he's jumping up and down waving at them. this warms the crowd up for when he turns later . .

  7. Lorraine, what good advice! Worm is exceedingly cute when he's not channeling Beelzebub. Hopefully all demons will wait to take possession of his little body until after everyone gets an eyeful of adorableness. Huck a good traveler. We've been on plane rides with him where people around us didn't even know there was a kid on the plane. I just don't know what to expect with Worm, and the not knowing is making me insane.