Monday, November 10, 2008

So I am a crackpot

If you didn't already think I was cracked after the Tootsie Roll rant, let me convince you of my whack-a-doodleness with my "Heater/Air Conditioner Repair Man Conspiracy Theory".

Every winter when we first turn on our heat, it does not work properly.  I call a repair man.  He fixes a "loose wire".  It works perfectly.

Every summer when we first turn on our A/C, it does not work properly.  I call a repair man. He fixes a "loose wire". It works perfectly.

So I now think that all the heat & a/c repair men in Northwest Arkansas have a racket where they mess with the a/c wires when they fix the heater and then mess with the heater wires when they come back to fix the a/c.

Anyone want to come live with me on my compound?  I have a bunker full of semi-automatics and a pitcher of electric kool-aid.


  1. So starting my own cult has been somewhat of a lifelong dream. I'm in.

    Proper heating and a/c repair will just be the beginning of a twisted and yet elaborate manifesto designed to ultimately establish righteous control of the masses.

    The unholy pretenders which produce the unclean "tootsie roll" shall be hated and have much scorn brought upon them.

    Ultimate victory shall be ours!

    Whew! I did not realize random blogging could be so spiritually intense. I desire large amounts of ice cream now...

  2. Wow, you might possibly be more cracked than me. Are you going to help me establish our militia and then wrestle control from me later by photoshopping me with a bag of Tootsie Rolls?

  3. I'm staying out of this one...I already get weird looks when I say I live in "The Colony", I don't need anymore negativity!