Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I am really behind on my posts

Sorry, I know I owe you something long & chatty for being a loyal reader, but it may not happen today.  My brain is still recovering from the mediocre school carnival.  It was an adequate success, by the way.

What is currently on my mind is a note a got in the mail today.  It is from a teller at my bank and says "Jennifer, Thank you so much for stopping by.  It's always a pleasure. R Zachary -Teller-"

I think I will reply.

Dear Bankers, 
I realize your note was an attempt to personalize my banking experience. However, I switched to online banking in order to DEPERSONALIZE my banking experience.  I go to the bank once a month to cash a particular check that doesn't arrive via direct deposit.  I do not have a personal relationship you because I do not want one.  I did not feel appreciated when reading your note.  I felt creeped out.  Please go back to ignoring me.  
J Collins


  1. Maybe we should take the whole family in on Friday for a visit with your teller friend! Maybe he/she could take us all for lunch since you're so close! Or, better yet...let's have them over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

  2. That sounds great. I'll run by the bank later and go in the lobby and holler "R. Zachary, come give me a HUG." I'll let him know (it was male handwriting) his letter meant so much to me that he is now my new best friend. I will then ask him to babysit my kids, help me move, drive me to the airport, and feed the cat when I am out of town.