Monday, November 10, 2008

So I'm still feeling like a whack-a-doodle

Worm did give the heater repairman the baby evil eye, so there's still hope for him.

Apparently the repairman underground knows I am on to them.  Today our "control panel" needed to be replaced to the tune of $300.  I am afraid to say more for fear they will sneak in at night and switch my clean filters for dirty ones.

If I start finding Tootsie Roll wrappers strewn about my yard I'll send out a secret signal to let you know the kids and I have moved to a safe house.  All I can say is it is located in a moderate climate where space heaters and box fans will get you comfortably through any season.


  1. Just come live in Dallas. There are no conspiries here (except for down at the book depository), you just know that everyone is out to screw everyone else. No guessing, you just know. It's less stressful this way.

  2. ...and we don't bother to check our spelling until after the fact!

  3. I have type as you go spell check, but I believe it is really spyware put in place by the heating and cooling industry to monitor subversive behavior.

    I heard (from sources that cannot be named) that Dallas is a hot bed of Tootsie Roll use. Given Worm's preference for them, I cannot take a chance by exposing him to that kind of scene. I can condone occasional "Tootsie use" in a social setting, but I fear the constant exposure he would receive in Dallas might cause him to swear off chocolate all together and slip over to the chewy side.

    Apparently I did not sleep off the crazy last night.