Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So I checked the poll again

I think that more than 2 votes per visitor have been allowed.  It is now up to 12 votes and I am pretty sure I don't have 6 regular readers.  It looks like Dumptruck in pulling ahead.  All I have to say is: Hubby, you must have made my readers really mad at some point.

I would like to point out I did say hubby could suck up to me and I would ignore the poll results and go with the name he prefers (Catfish - whiskers, white belly, smells gross - I think it suits you).  In case you need help, here are the things that qualify as sucking up to me: Buying me those Ugg sweater boots (light brown NOT purple), buying me an awesome new laptop, unexpectedly taking me out of the house without the children (and I don't mean a tour of the backyard - I mean you plan childcare and take me somewhere for several hours or even days)... oh hell, I would settle for a six-pack of Sam Adam's light and box of Hot Tamales.  This is why I should never run for public office.  

Since the poll ends before Christmas and hubby is not likely to do these things I am tempted to drop the poll and begin calling him Dumptruck.  However, I will keep it going.  I suspect my two regular readers will continue to skew to results toward Dumptruck.  At least I am giving him a chance.

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  1. I'm still gunning for George, but Catfish does seem fitting given the description you gave.