Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So I had a funny conversation with Huck

Huck thinks like me.  He has odd logic, flight of thought, wild theories and I LOVE IT!  

Tonight at dinner he says, "Rhinos always look like they are smiling, even when they frown." Then he demonstrates a rhino frowning (see photo).  I never realized how hard it was to frown with the upper half of your face and smile with the lower half.  You read lines in books that say something like "the smile didn't reach his eyes." Previously I would have thought of that as just an insincere smile.  Now and forever I will think of it as a Rhino Smile (also a good nickname, any takers?)

1 comment:

  1. I'll pass on the nickname, but that's a funny observation on Huck's part. Did he see some Rhino's at the zoo on Sunday? I heard they had a big time.

    Oh...off subject, but I took off half a day on Cabin Friday so I can be there at 5 this year instead of 8-9! I'm excited...