Saturday, November 1, 2008

So I checked my poll results

I got really excited because it showed 5 votes.  I really didn't think 5 people read this.  Then I realized one vote was my own.  Okay, so four is still good.  Then hubby admitted that he had been able to vote twice.  Okay, three is respectable.  Then I considered that one other person could have voted twice as well.  So basically two people read my blog and one has to because he is legally obligated.  It was actually in our wedding vows: "Twelve years from now your wife will start a blog, do you vow to read it?".  He replied "It's 1996, I have never heard of a blog, but sure what the heck, I do."

Anyway, Catfish is winning based on hubby's double votes.  I'm cool with this, but if you're not get some other people to log in and vote.  I don't have to know if they actually read it or not, I will assume they did and my ego will be boosted.

1 comment:

  1. I will now vote repeatedly for Dumptruck.