Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Huck has had some more random thoughts

Random Thought # 1
We got an alarm system installed.  Truck thinks it is for peace of mind because he travels a lot. However, you and I know its to protect me from the heater repairmen mob. 

The ADT installation man ran a test alarm so we would know what to expect during a true emergency.  IT WAS THE LOUDEST EFFING THINK EVER!  Holy Cow! It ran for less than three seconds but my heart was still pounding ten minutes later.  Huck promptly declared that it sounded like a squirrel caught in a run away vacuum cleaner.

Random Thought #2
Huck has now entered that age where his memory is officially better than mine.  Prior to now, I would talk about something that we did a year or two ago and it was likely that he wouldn't remember it.  Our roles have officially reversed.  

I remember that happening with me and my mom when I was a kid.  I would talk about something we had done and my mom wouldn't really remember it.  At the time it was baffling to me.  How could she not remember something that was so clear to me?  Sorry, mom, I understand now. 

So Huck and I had one of these moments where he is describing something and I have no memory of it.  Finally I say "Baby, I believe that it happened, I just don't remember it." Without missing a beat he says, "You should have had more coffee this morning."

Random Thought #3
Today on the way home from school he asks "Do you ever have that feeling inside of you that feels like the very first minute God made you?" 


When did my 6 year old become a 17th century philosopher?

So we talked about this feeling for a minute and the best I could understand was that he had a strong feeling of self-awareness earlier in the day.  He said that he was in the cafeteria and he had a feeling like "he probably felt when God first put his brain in his body".

I'm sure it is age-appropriate to experience that kind of self consciousness, but I feel his verbalization of it is advanced.  The fact that he could describe that feeling at all is impressive to me.



  1. Yep, takes after his wise ol' aunt Jo!

    So, really...was it a good thing or a bad thing that he was feeling that way?

  2. I think it was neither good nor bad. It was just a moment of clarity for him. Just an awareness of himself in his surroundings.