Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So I spent entirely too much time with my DVR today

Last night Huck was watching a holiday cartoon right before bed and had to miss half the show because I am strict about bedtime.  So today I decided to make it up to him by finding another showing of the same movie and setting it to record.

I found the show without issue, but setting it to record was not so easy. Our DVR was full for the living room TV (and I don't want to set a precedent of recording his stuff in the master bedroom or the office).  So I sorted through the recorded shows to make a little time.

What the heck!

It seems that men hold onto recorded TV much like they hold onto old stained & ripped underwear. Apparently it has to be a show that was watched three years ago, cancelled two years ago and has a deceased lead actor before they are willing to part with it.

Truck, when you get home, please clean out your underwear drawer and your DVRed shows.



  1. I don't have many recorded shows on that TV! Stay away from the man cave DVR!

  2. My point is (and I do have one) Dexter & Californication should not remain on the "family" TV past one viewing. Watch them within two weeks of recording or lose them forever. I knew fear of having your shows erased would get you to comment on my blog. You are a very predictable man. I am not interested in TRUE single parenthood, therefore the man cave remains only a room in which I type, surf and occasionally clean. I don't even dare turn on that TV.

  3. I need to get my DVD recorder fixed...I used to make copies of Weeds and Californication for people, but now they are just eating up all my DVR space. What to do, what to do...

  4. Tell your friends to chip & and buy you a new DVD recorder for Christmas or you will have to delete their shows.

  5. Now there is an idea. I've always wondered how it is that they are all too cheap to get cable and/or Showtime, but they don't mind me paying for it and burning it off onto a DVD for them. I guess they saw my money tree in the super secret greenhouse room I have in the back of the apartment. My secret is out...