Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So I almost told a stranger to Eff off

Worm and I were in the check out line at Toys R Us the other day and he was playing with a tube of lip balm.  The lady in line behind me says "Oh! He has the top off that!"  So I explain that lip balm is his favorite toy and taking the top off & putting it back on is part of the appeal. She then says "But aren't you afraid he is going to put it in his mouth?"  I told her that he was past the mouthy stage.  

This is the point where she needed to drop it.  

I understand her concern.  I sometimes express my concerns to strangers about their kids, but I try to just be informative, not preachy.  I would have stopped with "Oh! He has the top of that." If the parent indicated prior knowledge of this, I would let it go.

She just can't let it go.  She says "You really need to take that away from him".  I say "Here, let me show you what will happen."  

I take the lip balm and he freaks.  There is no build up.  He goes from zero to snot flying in 2.4 seconds.  I give it back to him, he is fine.

She says "He'll get over it."

At this point I am DONE with the conversation.  Here is what I said to her in my head.

You don't know me.  You don't know my kid.  You don't know that he will scream for an hour and a half or longer if I take away something he wants. I assume longer because an hour and a half is the longest I have ever waited him out.  I understand that lip balm is a choking hazard. It is a risk I have chosen to take, so SHUT THE EFF UP YOU NOSY, HOLIER THAN THOU, SELF-APPOINTED LIP BALM POLICE.

Out loud I said "Thanks for your concern."


  1. I wish you would have just told her that outloud! You had no problem shouting it out to my neighbor!!! And...I don't want Huck to have some slut that lets him play with her hair. He has MY hair to play with...I'll kick her ass if she doesn't back away!!! Go for Troy, Go for Troy...

  2. But I could yell at your neighbor and then run away really fast. Plus this lady looked like the type to call SCAN out of spite.