Saturday, December 13, 2008

So I checked my email this morning

This morning I realized I hadn't checked my email in several days.  So around 6:30 a.m.  I set up the boys with milk, powdered sugar donuts and a really annoying TV show.  I figured this would buy me about half an hour.  

Five minutes in I hear Worm start to giggle every thirty seconds or so. Yippee!  They are entertaining each other and leaving me alone. 

After a few minutes of this it hits me: What could be that funny?

I silently sneak through the house to peak at them without being seen. HOLY CRAP A BAG OF POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS HAS EXPLODED IN MY KITCHEN!

Huck has been giving Worm donuts. Worm is not eating these donuts. Worm is pulverizing these donuts.  He is making donut confetti.

In return for seven minutes in front of the computer I got two minutes of griping at Huck, three minutes of wiping down the table, four minutes of wiping down the baby, five minutes of sweeping the floor, six minutes of wiping off the walls and blinds.  Twenty minutes.  So. not. worth. it.


  1. Boys will be boys! Poor isn't his fault that Worm is destructive. Ok...maybe he kept adding fuel to the fire, or powdered doughnuts to the monster, but he was just keeping the baby happy! Sounds like good times to me!

  2. NO - NOT POOR HUCK. HE WAS GIVING THE DONUTS TO THE BABY AS FAST AS HE COULD. It was not his fault when Worm shredded the ones on his plate or even the first one he handed him, but after that it was his fault too. I didn't get onto him that bad really. Now that the mess is cleaned up it is funny.

  3. The way you put's funny. I have my own destructo Monster/Ninja and he has his cheering section...namely Chi. I so completely relate to this post. I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks.