Monday, December 1, 2008

So I noticed I need to post a new picture

The pic of Huck & Worm in the wagon was taken the Sunday before Thanksgiving at a random relative's house.  I say random because this relative is Truck's, not mine.  Both Truck & sis-in-law didn't quite know whose house we were at.  At lease I knew whose house it was and knew her by name!

It was crowded and Worm was antsy so G'pa took him outside.  After a bit Huck & I went looking for them and spotted Worm sitting in this wagon under a pecan tree.  That baby was eating pecans as fast as G'pa could hull them (Is that the correct verb?  Do you hull a pecan?). Huck tried a pecan but spit it right back out.  This is because if one boy likes a food the other one hates it.  It is truly spectacular how different they are in demeanor & tastes.

Anyway, Huck got in the wagon and I took about a quintillion photos.  None of them were great.  The perfect little setting & they just wouldn't both look at me & look happy at the same time.  

Now that I have two kids, my life will be forever split in two.  One is happy, the other is cranky. One looks left, the other looks right.  One loves cream cheese, the other thinks its gross.  One is laid back, the other is stubborn.  One is the smartest most adorable kid on the planet, so is the other.

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