Thursday, May 21, 2009

So I feel hungover, which inevitably results in my singing show tunes at breakfast

I purposefully didn't read the side effects of my new pills before I took one.  I didn't want to 'know what to look for' and then obsess over every little twinge. If I know the side effects, I'll spend my day thinking the pills are damaging me worse than the hypertension is damaging me. Luckily I do not require medication for my tenuous grip on reality.  I would totally be the crazy, unwashed lady in the Walgreen's parking lot who yells at the building and won't take her meds because 'they are trying to control me with them'. 

Being sick or pregnant or otherwise not in my normal state of health is tedious for me because of all the self-analysis that comes with it.  I like to ignore my feelings like a good little lapsed Catholic.  Basically, I want to take the pill and forget all my worries.  Unfortunately, blissful ignorance is not a side-effect of any HBP medications I know of.  I think I would have to develop Glaucoma for that particular side-effect.

So this morning I woke with a headache, nausea, and great thirst.  My first thought was, "Whoa, what'd I drink?"  Then I remembered that the kids did not drive me to drink yesterday I hadn't had anything to drink since Friday.  My next thought was, "Crap, I have swine flu."  Then I remembered the pills.

So I busted out the internet and took a google around.  The side-effects of my pills are blessedly few and unremarkable.  Headache, dizziness and nausea were on the list, however, that's the holy trinity of side effects so I wasn't surprised.

At breakfast I told Huck I wasn't feeling that great.  He said, "You'll feel better tomorrow, Mama." I replied, "Tomorrow feels really far away right now." Then he said "It's only one day away."

Of course I began to sing "Tommorow" from Annie.  How could I not?

When I finished, I looked expectantly at Huck.  I thought I might get a round of applause or at least a giggle. He avoided eye contact for a second, then looked at me and said, "Never do that in front of anyone."


  1. Gotta love his honesty!

  2. This is hilarious! You know you are the Queen of Silliness when you can get so goofy that even your own kids are weirded out. Happens to me too often. :o)