Friday, May 1, 2009

So here is the Wormainian post so I can remove the side bar

Pee-Pee = Pizza 
Awng = Orange Juice
I pyea doh = I play with dogs. I played with dogs.  I want to play with dogs (Worm likes dogs).
Boom = Watch out I am about to whack you really hard with whatever I am holding.
Bean = I see that you are eating beans.  I will sit here and discuss them, but don't even think about feeding me one.
TOAST! = I would like to eat toast while you eat those disgusting beans.
BEAN! BEAN! = I don't want to go to bed.  Lets revisit the bean tasting.
Meow = Milk
Num Num = Do you really need a translation for this one?
Cheez = cheese (duh!)
Cheez Cheez = no more cheese, please (a bit harder to figure out unless there is accompanying body laguage)
Bull = Balloon, blue or Little Bill, this kid is hard to understand out of context
Wii = I want to play wii or I want to watch you play wii (not hard to understand, but adorable because he says it with a Transylvanian accent, it comes out more like vee)
Yo = yo-yo, yogurt, yellow
Geen = anything green, red, orange or pink. How young can you diagnose color blindness? Or meanness, because he could be doing this just because he knows it makes me insane.
Pie = Spiderman.  
Side = Outside, the only place Worm wants to be right now.
Foo = Shoe.  It used to be Hoo.  I am not sure why there has been a change unless he is putting shoe and foot together into one word.  So, his vocabulary is evolving and it's still Wormainian instead of English.
I go poo = It's time to start potty training when your kid tells you this right before and right after he poops in his diaper.
Mama and Daddy = Again, pretty obvious, but noteworthy because of the "and"
Wine = He pronounces it vine (apparently he is a big vampire fan since the Twilight craze hit).  He recognizes wine in a bottle, box, or glass.
Beer = He also recognizes beer, but only in bottles.  I might be willing to drink box wine, but I am waaayyy too classy for beer in a can.
Ty = Tyler.  This is what he calls all boys who are not Huck.
Girl = This is all girls, except the one he calls Ken.
Baby = This is what he calls himself and anyone who appears younger than him.
Kids = A group of boys and girls
Two = This is bouncing on my leg (see new video).  I didn't get it at first (hear my confusion in video) because he used to say bounce.  I guess he calls it two because I always count when I bounce him?
Town = I want to watch the Lazy Town video (Dear God why did I not throw that thing away when Huck outgrew it and how did Worm ever find it and fixate on it?).

It might be time to end the Wormanian column.  He is saying so much now that I can't keep up.  It is still a bit garbled, but so much easier to understand that I can't really consider it a foreign language anymore.  If I take it down, I'll put it in a post for posterity....

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