Friday, May 1, 2009

So I should go to bed, but I need to get some stuff out of my head

Here's some stuff I want to write about, but suspect I won't ever really get around to fleshing out these thoughts...

1. E-Rock had the audio clip from when I was in a band (I still think I didn't really count as a member, however, I have "outsider issues" about everything. ((Someday I might write an introspective post about those issues. (((Prepare to feel sorry for me. ((((Or to just laugh at me for being in my own head too much (((((Crap, I'm all off topic with my parentheses again.))))) and he emailed it to me.  No, I will not be posting it here, but I will probably play it for Jo next time I see her.  You CAN actually hear me singing on it, her ears might bleed.

2. Truck and I went to a baseball game tonight.  We were invited to sit in a box or I wouldn't have agreed to go.  I consumed some decent BBQ, two Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and a beer. Then the game was called for rain.  It was the greatest sporting event I have ever attended. 

3. Truck and I had a conversation about our upcoming trip to Vegas. I expressed interest in seeing a particular show while we're there, but he nixed it because we are already seeing two shows.  I pouted and said "I'm going to get a job and then plan a great trip somewhere and not even invite you to go."  His eyes glazed over as soon as I said "I'm going to get a job".  Then he drooled on his chin a little.

4. I saw a man a department store the other day rearranging a display of little girls panties.  I really, really, really hope he worked there.

5. I found a CD that Huck used to love when he was 2, and now Worm loves it.  I played it for Huck on the way home from school, but he said he didn't remember it.  I told him that made me a little sad because one day Worm will outgrow the CD as well and then we will all eventually forget about how much we liked the silly little songs on it.  Huck started to cry and said it made him sad too.  He is such a softy.  It's possible I am not his mother.

6. Then we had a conversation about how Jo is a softy too.  Huck said she didn't "sound like a softy".  I added that she doesn't look like a softy either.  That girl is all muscle!  I said she's such a softy she's actually part marshmallow.  Huck then went off on a story about how you can eat Jo and then she grows back into herself in your stomach.  It was weird and gross.  I guess I am his mother after all. 

6. Worm will only eat orange goldfish crackers.  They make multi-colored ones, but he just picks out the orange ones.  Does he think the purple, teal, and pink ones taste funny? What the hell could make those particular colors less desirable than orange fish shaped crackers with a generic cheese flavor?  Maybe it's like the brown M&M thing.  The brown ones are the actual color of chocolate so they are more "natural" than the colored ones.  Maybe orange goldfish are more like actual goldfish and that makes them more appealing to him? 

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  1. Dude, don't let all my secrets out! I like people to think I'm tough! I'm actually not sure why Huck thinks I'm such a hard ass, but I know he never likes to cry in front of me or have me know when he's upset. I've never made fun of him or given him a hard time. I think it's great that he's so sensitive and I hope he's always so sweet.