Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So I owe you an apology

Apparently when I changed my layout, it did not carryover my sitemeter HTML.  That means nothing to you.  It means everything to me.  Basically, it looked as if no one had visited my blog in four days.  I've been vehemently cursing all of you for abandoning me. 

Then I considered that I had gotten some comments on the blog, some personal emails that related to the blog and a comment on facebook.  That's when I realized something was amiss, or, more specifically, missing.

Um, sorry for calling you a whore-dog mother effer ugly names.  I really hope you don't develop ugly growths on your privates like I wished for hold it against me (okay, can't resist - I REALLY hope you don't hold it against me if you do develop those growths).  It's not that I obsessively watch my traffic numbers and desperately try to figure out who is reading my stuff really care if you take a day or two off.  It's just that four days left my anxiety ridden and slightly nauseated was a bit long.

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