Monday, August 17, 2009

But it's true!

Today was Huck's back-to-school ice cream social. I spent a few minutes speaking with his new teacher. She's new to him and new to teaching, so all kinds of newness happening. Later, Truck and I were discussing our impressions of her. I mentioned she was really lucky to get him in her first class. He said, "I know, you actually said that to her and I was kind of embarrassed."


No really... what?

It's not bragging when it's true. Seriously, ask Miss J., she'll back me up.

I mean, if I can't be immodest about my kids, what's left? I'm over 35 so mini skirts are out. I don't have a job, so professional accomplishments are out. None of you are commenting on my recent organizational feats, so that's out.

Let me live vicariously through my kids. Apparently it's all I have left.


  1. Aww I should have commented on your organizational feats. You inspired me to organize my pantry and my laundry room closet, if that helps you any, and they look great!! :)

  2. I think your organizational feats are stellar...I just didn't want to inflate your head anymore than it already was. I mean, the baking crossed a line.

    Anyway...I do think your kids are awesome. No big deal that you publicly acknowledge that. The teacher is lucky to have him whether she realizes it or not. I'm sure she'll see the light sooner than later. It is funny that you went ahead and told her, but hey...why hold back. As the great Paula Abdul would say, "it is what it is".

  3. Mandy, so glad to have triggered someone else's ODC. Eventually I am going to do my garage. There will be no photos of that, the before version would inspire one of my readers to call child protective services.

  4. Jo, I'm just getting started on the cleaning AND I have been cooking dinner every night. Yes, I am bragging on myself. My blog comments, my prerogative. Plus, this phase will wear off soon & I will go back to shoving stuff in the cabinets & slamming the door before it falls back out.

  5. You know I ain't judging!!