Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My life: According to Dead Milkmen

I saw this quiz on facebook. You're supposed to choose a group or artist that has a lot of meaning for you. That felt too sappy for me, so I went for pure fun!

This is my life according to song titles by Dead Milkmen (runner up answers in parenthesis because it was hard to pick).

Are you male or female? Punk Rock Girl (Gorilla Girl)

Describe yourself. I Walk the Thinnest Line (I'm Going to Purgatory)

How Do You Feel? Take me to the Specialist (Two Feet off the Ground)

Where do you live? Tacoland (Tiny Town)

Where do you want to go? Where the Tarantula Lives (Beach Party)

Favorite form of transportation. Bitchin' Camaro (Nitro Burning Funny Cars)

Your best friend is... The Girl with the Strong Arm (God's Kid Brother)

What is life to you? Epic Tales of Adventure (Life is Shit)

You Fear... Takin' Retards to the Zoo (Big Scary Place)

What is the best advice? If You Love Somebody, Set the on Fire (Nutrition)

How Would You Like To Die? I Tripped Over the Ottoman (Surfin' Cow)

My Motto... Don't Deny Yout Inner Child (I Don't Wanna I Don't Wanna)


  1. Wow...that's fun. I need to pick a good artist and give it a try. I'm diggin' Pink right now, maybe I'll give it a whirl with those titles!

    Or Ani DiFranco...that would be edgier and maybe a little more exciting. Definitely more so than my all time fav, Sarah Mclachlan!

  2. Hell, do more than one! It's fun to review a favorite artists discography & remember some songs you had forgotten.

  3. I also thought that living in Tacoland was unbelievably appropriate!