Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The most annoying toy EVER

Most mom's would pin that title on a different item. Like maybe one of those V-Tech toys that periodically talk even when no one is the room (or has touched the toy for three days). Or possibly a board game like Mousetrap that looks cool and then ends up leaving your kid in tears because it's hard to put together, doesn't really work, and you end up screaming a profanity and throwing it in the trash putting it away for "when you're a little older." Other mom's might choose video games that turn your kids into screen zombies for hours at a time (I rather like those). Not me. This punching ball's days are numbered.

This ball has caused no less that three screaming fits - all Worm because it's Huck's toy and Huck doesn't like to share it. Two near heart attacks - I startle easy and Huck likes to carry it into a room & suddenly start punching it. One bonked head - Worm likes to grab it and run from Huck, but he can't really see around it. And one pre-syncopic episode - it's hard to air up.

Green punch ball, I'm coming for you. Now I'm doing the thing where you point to your eyes and then at the thing you are coming for.

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