Monday, February 2, 2009

So Huck considers his digits and their many uses

I completely forgot this!  I could have had a funny post about Huck this weekend after all.  

Thursday night we went to dinner with Grandpa & Grandma.  At one point, an older man walked by our table.  He must have thrown his back out because he was walking doubled over. Huck pointed at him and said in that loud way children say things to embarrass the adults around them "Look at that old man!  I'm going to walk like that when I'm old!"

Since his words weren't really insulting, but I still needed to correct his behavior, I told him not to point.  He asked why, of course.  I explained that people think you are saying something unkind when you point.  He then said, "Well then why did God give us pointer fingers if we aren't supposed to point?"  

This is where the conversation took a very wrong turn and it is entirely my fault.

I said, "To pick your nose."

Huck looks at his finger and makes a disgusted face.  I am secretly rejoicing that he is grossed out because we went through a nose picking stage with him two years ago and I do not want to revisit it.  I never actually caught him picking his nose, I just found the evidence wiped on the walls behind our furniture.  It was a tough few months for me because I have a sensitive gag reflex to anything mucus related.

Apparently I misinterpreted the look on his face.  It was not disgust, it was confusion because he then said...

"But I pick my nose with my thumb."

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