Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Worm has a new favorite snack

Worm likes to eat.  Several times a day he will go to the fridge and say "door!"  So I dutifully open the door.  He then stands there and says "Ummmmm" while he peruses the contents of my fridge.  When he finds something he wants he either grabs it or points to and says "Dat".  Of course I comply because this routine is really freakin' cute.  

The Ummmmmm thing is also used when he is selecting a DVD, however I find it annoying then.  I don't know what the difference is.  Ummmm in front of fridge = adorable.  Ummmm of front of DVDs = make up your mind before Mama looses hers!

Anyway, the other day he chose McCormick Salad Toppins from the fridge. The ingredients don't read like something a toddler would enjoy, however he loves them and wants them everyday now.  I only let him have about a tablespoon because they aren't all that nutritionally sound.  

Okay, I can hear you asking "But don't you feed him popcorn chicken at 8:30 a.m.?"  I know I can't trick you into thinking I am careful about what he eats, so I will just confess.  Here is a list of some things I have let him eat recently and why:

  1. A small bowl full of Reddi Whip because it is funny to watch
  2. Rice Krispie treat at 7:45 a.m. (after breakfast, not in lieu of) because he was crying because he couldn't stay at school with Huck
  3. McDonald's fries just to pass the time
  4. Chocolate chips because I gave Huck some
  5. Salt and Vinegar chips (see reason #1)
  6. Smarties because I didn't hide them from him fast enough
  7. Part of a very stale lime flavored Starburst because he saw me eating Hot Tamales and started yelling CANDY CANDY really loud and we were trapped in the pick up line at school and that was the only other candy I could find in the car and Hot Tamales are too hot for him and I didn't want to go knocking on car windows asking for handouts like it was white trash Halloween....
Can you imagine?  You are sitting in your immaculately clean car waiting to pick up your 2.5 children from school.  You are closing a million dollar deal on your Blackberry while putting the finishing touches on a power point presentation for next week's staff meeting.  You're wearing a matching yoga outfit that is not sweaty although you just came from the gym.  You hear a tentative little tap on your window.  You glance up and behold a terrifying sight!  Her eyeliner is smudged, her hair may not have been brushed in the last 14 hours, her jacket has an unidentifiable glob on the shoulder.  Her hands are cracked and shaking. She is drooling a reddish liquid and is holding a screaming, dirty child.  Yet her breath smells like sweet and spicy cinnamon.  She makes eye contact briefly, then her glance darts away.  Then she speaks. "Trick or Treat?"

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  1. awesome post. Worm sounds like such a cute little guy!! reminds me of my son Beck (who is 20 months now . .). and love the pic "the feeling is so not mutual" - we know all about that in our house!