Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So I am having my Tuesday

I thought I would be all WAHOO about getting some time to myself today.  Surprisingly, I'm not that into it.  I have a bunch of kid related stuff to do even though I am kidless, so that is kind of taking the wind out of my sails.  I am SOOOOOO put upon.

I am, however, getting my HAIR DID!  It looks really gross today.  Loralee, whose hilarious blog I mentioned yesterday, said I did not have polygamy hair.  Thank you, I try, but I do live in Arkansas and we have the "crowning glory" hairdo which is quite similar to polygamy hair.  It is that hairdo where the top of the hair is all big and poofy, apparently it is supposed to resemble a crown, and the rest is long.  It sort of looks like a mullet, but is not an actual mullet because the hair is just arranged to resemble a mullet, not truly cut into one.  If I had more time I would find a link with a photo, but I have to go in five minutes and I haven't completed my ramblings yet...

I actually live VERY near to Michele Duggar, she of the polygamy hair. So near, in fact, that I can throw a rock at the oldest son's business.  I wouldn't actually hit said business, but I could throw a rock in its general direction.  I don't just throw like a girl, I throw like a girl who no one ever took into the yard to teach how to throw.  Again, off topic and now I have to go in three minutes....

I have to cut this short now (ha ha, hair pun).  Enjoy this picture of my gross hair.  I am planning to post an after photo as well.  I love my hairdresser and my color is always really gorgeous when I leave the salon, so I want to give you all the chance to admire it.  I am really nice like that.

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