Saturday, February 28, 2009

So I need some help again (no, not professional help - well, maybe, but not for this particular problem)

Saturday afternoon I noticed an odd, yet familiar odor in my front yard.  

So I braced myself and peeked in the bushes.  New bunny bits.  Plus, the bones of the previous bunny are still there.  

Banana (This is your first blog appearance, but you know who you are.  Jo, Coco & Truck can probably figure it out as well), will you please remove the rabbit fragments before they get smellier?  I will let you laugh at me.  I will provide gloves and Wal-Mart sacks.  Our trash runs on Tuesday, so could you do it fairly quickly?  How does it not give you the shivers just thinking about it?

Yes, Truck is currently home.  However, he has a HUGE meeting in Orlando next week and is beyond stressed about it.  I wouldn't ask him to clean up the hacked-up hare if it were on the front steps.

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