Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So I'm writing this from bed

Our wireless has been iffy for months now and no amount of random wire jiggling and general cursing seemed to fix it.  I thought all hope was lost because jiggling and cursing are the best tools in my belt.  Then a few weeks ago, my iPhone started offering me some random connection, but only in my bedroom.  I am not sure why I didn't put it together until now.  I blame 6 & 1/2 years of sleep deprivation (more like 7 years if you count pregnancy).  Anyway, I just realized that I can totally piggyback my neighbor's wireless when I am in bed.  

Wow, that last sentence is really dirty.

This is the greatest thing to happen to me in years.  Sorry kids, your entrances into the world were cool and all, but I can blog IN BED now.  I love to hang out in bed.  I love it so much that Truck bought me a giant flat screen for Christmas and installed it across from the bed.  I know that sounds terribly unromantic, but look at it this way: a man bought a top of the line TV and then installed it in the room where only his wife watches TV.  Pretty nice, huh?

Anyway, if I lived, alone I would live in one of these, happily, but only if the neighbors had wireless internet.


  1. When you come to visit me, you can totally piggyback off my's secure, but I'll give you the code if you act nice. Then you can compute anywhere you want in my apartment. Especially since the computer is still in my room and it's not very comfortable to sit in there and use it!

  2. Thanks for trusting me with your wireless code. I promise not to share it with your neighbors. Unless they offer me money.

  3. Wow...I'll have to think about that one, but probably so since you always sleep in my bed while you're visiting! I get kicked out to the daybed in the kayak room! So, yes, you can blog from my bed! Who'll be in there with you?

  4. ohmagosh! I totally peed a little. To much info, I know, but dang that's funny!