Friday, February 27, 2009

So my musical taste is rubbing off on the whole fam

I am internetting (This is a made up word and I really debated if it should have one t or two t's. This is how I am spending my kid-free evening.  I am the second lamest person I know.  I went with two t's because netting has two t's, in case you care).  The tunes are still blasting, but now Truck is home.  He is working in his office, because he is the only person on the planet who is lamer than me.

We are getting take-out later, Thai, in case you care.  Does that make us cooler or lamer? I say cooler because fast food or left over spaghetti would be pathetic.  Going out to eat would be appropriate, but he is swamped with work right now, in case you care.

Anyway, I have a point to make...

That's Not My Name just played & when it was over Truck yelled,  "What's that song?"  Then he asked who sings it.  Then he said, "I like it."

I'm keeping the tunes going.  Maybe Dead Milkmen will rub off on him next.

I looked through his playlist the other day and found a gem.  I'm not telling you what it is, just click here to find out. I had forgotten about this song!  If you can listen to this and not laugh then you need an x-ray because your funny bone is effen broke!


  1. I have to be very careful listening to this song in an airplane. I have a tendancy to sing along, and I am afraid I would be overheard singing..."I've gotta pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do to"!

  2. Hello, readers. I know y'all look at the comments. Would any of you like me to catch Truck singing along to this? I have a flip video and can be very sneaky.

  3. YES! Then you could post the video!

    I think some good old fashioned Luke Skywalker and the 2 Live Crew would be even better though.

    Hey! What do ya get for $10?? :)

  4. I'll see what I can do. I would never take your money, E. Besides, you are good for way more than $10, cheap-ass.

    However, there are fresh bunny bits in the bushes... some neighborhood cat hates rabbits but loves my bushes.

  5. Jen, You missed the whole 2 Live Crew reference with the $10.00. The answer is..."Any-ting you want." (I ment to spell anyting that way. That is how the woman says it on the song.)
    Great blog...Your writings always make me laugh. You should seriously consider writing a book. A kinda of "Girlfriends guide..." kind of thing.

  6. HOW DID I MISS THE 2 LIVE CREW REFERENCE????? That is so not like me!

    Big E, I have failed you. Now I feel bad about the cheapass comment. However, now that I get the reference, the answer is "every-ting you want" (I am fairly certain it is everything, not anything, but I could be wrong). Sock it to me. See, I get it now.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jennifer! I like the book idea. Thank you especially for classifying it as a "Girlfriend Book", not a mommy book. I hate to think of myself as just another mommy-blogger. Sure that's a big topic for me, but its not all of me.

    Lots of bloggers transition to books. However, they also turn into publicity whores and their blogs suffer. I probably would totally abandon you guys if the price was right. If I put ads on this blog will you guys click on them so someone will pay me to write this stuff? Apparently lots of clicks on ads gets publishers all hot for you.