Monday, February 2, 2009

So I am still in a funk

As you know, I have been out of sorts for about a week now.  The ice storm threw me off.  I have had no schedule to maintain and no break from the kids.  Those two things combined make me anxious.  When I get anxious I turn inward and get cranky and reclusive. Apparently, cranky recluses don't have much to post.

The only thing I could really think to blog about over the weekend was this bruise I got on my left hand.  Not particularly blog worthy, except that I have no clue how I got it.  One minute we were loading the kids up to go eat, the next minute my hand is all hot, red and swollen. Seriously, look at it, how do you do that to yourself and not notice?  

Today, Huck went back to school and Worm and I made our Monday trip to Wal-Mart (yes there was popcorn chicken), so I feel like I am on the road to recovery from the ice storm funk. However, I am not getting my Tuesday again this week, so the funkiness might linger.  

Plus, I will have to miss my hair appointment on Tuesday because 2 hours at the salon + Worm = mama's hair falls out from over-processing and/or stress.  I have had the same hair dresser for ten years, I would hate to loose her right as I am entering the OMG! IS THAT A GRAY HAIR? phase of my life.  Although I really doubt she would fire me over my child's behavior, she would have to charge me for all the product he wasted.  He loves to take the caps off little tubes and bottles.  He sniffs the contents, rubs it on his hands (and belly, and clothes, and hair, and floor, and window), offers samples to everyone around (including the cat, who is not a big fan of lotion on her fur), and generally makes one hell of a mess.  

So, to recap: I am still not myself and may not be until February 10th.  On February 10th (please, Holy Mary Mother of God, let it be so) I will take the kids to the dentist at 8:30 a.m. and then Huck will go to school, Worm will go to Grandpa's and I will go to the salon to have my roots done and my sanity restored.

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