Monday, February 9, 2009

So I should have written this post before I went on Facebook

I was tagged in meme on facebook.  And since I love to write about myself, I filled it out.  It was 47 questions and now I feel like I used up all my words.

Before I went on facebook I was going to write about how off my day was.  
I was going to describe Worm eating his brownie off the floor with his mouth because he didn't want to put down the toys in his hands. I was going to tell you about our trip to Target where Huck walked around with an "emergency throw-up bag". I was going to share with you Huck's funny comments about being sick.  He has strep throat and is really unhappy about it. Now all his comments have flown out of my brain because facebook sucked all my thoughts away.

I was going to rant on the pediatrician we saw but I used up my energy on facebook and don't feel a rant in me anymore.  Huck was playing his DS in the exam room and she made some pointed comments about how his game looked scary.  

Oh wait!  Feeling a little surge of energy now that I am thinking about the doc. I think I can work up a little rant. Huck very politely paused his game to answer her questions and then turned it back on when she started talking to me.  So she gives me this funny look like she wants me to tell him to turn it off.  Look, he has been intermittently hyper and crying with pain for 24 hours, I'm not telling him to do shit if he is happy. So she leans over him and asks him some questions about the game.  It was Ben 10 and he described the show and the game in great detail for her.  She said it still sounded scary to her.  I KNEW she was implying that it didn't sound age appropriate.  It is rated E, I don't let him play anything that is rated higher.  But I didn't say this to her because I felt like I didn't owe an explanation to an adult who was wearing lime green nail polish. 

I mean really.  Is that supposed to inspire my confidence?  I know its Monday morning and you probably had your "party polish" on, but invest in some acetone and take that crap off before work.

Okay, energy is back.  I think I'll go back on facebook now....

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