Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I got called out

The other day I wrote that I had never been in a band.

I lied.

My friend, E-Rock (because he does rock ((not to be confused with Big E, who is, in fact, a big guy (((Banana, however, is not a banana ((((did I ever mention that I really suck at giving nicknames and now wish I had just used everyone's real names (((((I heart parentheses))))), had a band in high school called The Front.  I was his girlfriend at the time, so I got to sing back-up in the battle of the bands.

He sent me an email today reminding me of this fact.  

For the record, I wasn't trying to be evasive about my past as a back-up singer for a high school rap group.  Seriously, I have way bigger things from my past to be evasive about. Hell, I have stuff from my present that probably should be more evasive about. Um, yeah.

Honestly, I wasn't sure if it counted because I sing so badly that I didn't actually sing above a whisper during the entire performance.  Technically, I just stood on stage and mouthed "If you want, you got it. If you want it, baby, you got it."  

Also, there were two other girls with me who actually sang well AND choreographed some dance moves.  I stood there while they danced.  Yup, just stood there. 

So, does standing on stage while people around you perform count as being in a band?  I think not, but it was his band and he said yes, so...

30.  Been in a band? Yes. In high school I sang back-up in a rap group called The Front.  They were talented, I was not. 

Happy now, E-Rock?

Please DO NOT dig up the audio tapes as proof.

However, if a video ever surfaces, I would pay BIG money to see it. We're talking tens of dollars here. 

Hey, it's a recession.

One last thing...  here is a link to the Bust a Move video.  I just watched it about 6 times in a row and it keeps getting better.  Come on, Flea in stuffed animal pants!

Okay, one more thing...  the song Bust a Move is also in the movie 17 Again and it actually made it on the soundtrack.  How did Underdog by Spoon not make it on the soundtrack, but Cherish & Danger Zone did?  People would really rather listen to this & this over this

Alright, this really is the last thing. Does anyone know to put a link on my blog (such as the Bust a Move video, or the song Underdog) without actually navigating away from the blog?  I hate that you have to leave to go to my links.  I know you hate it too because you never want to leave me, right?  Right?  RIGHT? 


  1. I knew you were a rock star...

  2. technically, i'm a hip hop star

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