Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So I am terrified of google now

I'm still not quite over the "needs" meme.  I decided to do another one for myself using Jen since that is what most people call me.  I have no witty retorts to any of these.  I am wordless.

  1. Jen needs a session or two with a therapist.
  2. Jen needs a muzzle.
  3. Jen needs to wise up.
  4. Jen needs to get a grip on her life.
  5. Jen needs human anatomy lessons.
  6. Jen needs a make-over.
  7. Jen needs to take some time and be by herself.
  8. Jen needs advice.
  9. Jen needs cheering up.
  10. Jen needs to go.
Crap, I really do need all this stuff.

Okay, google, you have won this battle of wits, but the war rages on!

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