Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Truck has finally weighed in on my singles website idea

Truck finally got home from Orlando.  It was a really long week for him, so I didn't push him to catch up on his blog reading.  I am usually anxious to know what he thinks about my latest ramblings, but I was willing to wait for him to decompress.  I didn't want him to be cranky when he read the dating website idea.

Click here to read his response: Truck's opinion

I don't want spyware on my computer.  I also don't want Big E checking up on me every few days. But mostly, I don't want to go back to living on Truck's old paycheck.  Seriously.

If spyware and too much attention from Big E were the only weapons in his arsenal, I would say BRING IT ON.  But messing with my woman of leisure status hits where it hurts.

The poll comes down today and I will never speak of this again.  

P.S. I am seriously surprised that all the votes weren't NOs.  I thought I was the most morally bankrupt of us all.  Makes me feel better to know a few of you are as sick as me.

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