Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I can't think of a title yet.... my brain's not working right

I don't understand the way my brain works sometimes.  I will be going along all nice and normal and then my brain gets a case of the shivers.  Suddenly, I'm all weirded out and talking about repairmen, tootsie rolls and corn zippers.  I can partly explain it away with sleep deprivation, copious coffee consumption and terrible eating habits.  I'm like the secret third Gilmore Girl, all the bad habits, none of the good looks or charm.  Okay, so I'm kind of cute and adorably charming when I want to be, but I'm still no Gilmore.

I'm a smart person.  I can finish the Sunday crossword, I'm good at Algebra (hell, I made a C in calculus in college and I only showed up on test days), and I have excellent problem solving abilities.  So why do I use the wrong toothbrush about once a week?  

Truck and I store our toothbrushes side-by-side.  Quite often I glance in the mirror and see that I am using his toothbrush.  I buy our toothbrushes.  I ALWAYS buy him a blue toothbrush and I myself a pink one (or purple because sometimes pink is sold out - quite a popular toothbrush color).  I mean, really, it's not like I am in such a hurry that can't bother with life's details. You've seen the title of the blog, I'm really not that busy.  So why do the details slip past me a lot of the time?  Blue = Truck, Not Blue = Me.

Crap, I've just lost the whole thread of this post....  let's see.... talked about how my brain trips up and thinks about weird stuff - check; mentioned the weird toothbrush thing - check. What else was I going to say?  Oh yeah, I remember completely worthless crap from years ago and forget important current stuff, like to buy more milk.

For example, I had a crazy English teacher in 10th grade.  I remember all sorts of ridiculous stuff about her personally and her class in general.  She gave these killer vocabulary tests.  I used mnemonic devices to get me through those tests.  I still remember a lot of those vocabulary words and the device I made up to go with them.  For the word ubiquitous (this means present everywhere, like Twilight) I made up a scenario where the entire world had become lazy and stopped working except for one person.  This one person stood on a street corner shouting at all the lazy people and at one point he yelled "You big quitters are ubiquitous."

Get it?  You big quitters sounds a lot like ubiquitous?  No?  Well, clearly it worked for me because I still remember it TWENTY YEARS LATER.  Holy freaking Soul II Soul, that was twenty years ago?  Shit.

Anyway,  I remember the definition of ubiquitous and never hear it without picturing a world full of lazy folks, but I can't remember to buy milk unless I write it on a piece of paper.  

My brain sucks.

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