Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Worm likes stickers, sort of

Worm likes the idea of stickers, but he doesn't actually want to wear them.  

We visited Mrs. Big E at work today.  She works for a pediatric clinic.  Worm was really funny. It was like he knew the place should be scary, but he wasn't quite sure why.  Eventually he heard a baby crying and then the pieces fell into place for him.  I could see the moment he realized we were in a doctor's office.  Mrs. Big E tried to buy me a few more minutes of chit-chat by giving him stickers, but they didn't really work.  He wanted to leave before someone showed up with the two most terrifying things on the planet, a stethoscope and tongue depressor.

Worm will let you put a sticker on him.  He holds out his little paw like he is all ready.  Then 3 seconds later he has peeled it off and is handing it to me saying, "Mama, mama".  The translation for this is, "I would like to admire this sticker, but not actually wear it.  Please wear it for me, Mother."

By the time we got to the car, I was wearing 4 kitty cat stickers.  

I'm still wearing them.

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