Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I read the Christian Romance today

After I wrote that whiny-ass post about how I was feeling mean and off, I read the Christian Romance novel.

The whole thing.

Cover to cover.

This afternoon.

I did not hate it.

I didn't like it either, but the fact that I read it without putting it down and then had nothing snarky to say about it is a testament to how off I am.  I could never be an editor.  Not because my grammar sucks (although it does), I couldn't chop up someone else's hard work enough to make it palatable and marketable to the general population.

The book takes place in rural Pennsylvania.  It features several Amish characters who say thing like Ach! and Ja!  The main character is a nurse midwife who had a childhood bereft of love because her mother ran away from the Amish and then died shortly after her birth. Her love interest is an ex-Amish cop who is back near his hometown because he had problems with untrustworthy characters in the big city.  The main character reconnects with the Amish family she never met and falls in love with the can't-hack-it-in-a-real city cop.  She also prays a lot about things that I wouldn't mention to my cat, let alone send up in a prayer.  I know He listens to it all, but this lady needed to grow a pair and make some decisions!  Slight snark, I must be getting better.

Family, true love and well-placed bible quotes. 

I seriously just read that and did not hate it.  I have a 50 page rule - if I am not into a book by page 50 I walk away from it.  I have read a few books that didn't make it to page 10, but those were usually due to an author who is attempting to write the conversations in specific dialect and it isn't working out.  I'm all for GOOD dialect writing, such as Their Eyes Were Watching God, but if I have to read it aloud to comprehend it, it's going straight to the library donation pile.

Anyway, I expected to invoke the 50 page rule on this one.  Holy Mary Mother of God!  I was caught up in the plot and actually gave a crap if the midwife ended up with the cop.  I also really wanted to know if her Plain grandmother would suffer from hospitalization grade depression because of the memories her long-last granddaughter awakened.  The idea of Amish folks requiring institutionalization for mental illness is intriguing to me.

That is a book I would LOVE to read.  Somebody write about crazy Amish folks.  Please.  Don't force me to read another unsolicited mailbox book. 

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  1. I'm glad you made it through, but don't feel like you have to haul that book to Dallas when you come so I can read it. I'll be just fine with just your synopsis of it on here!