Thursday, March 5, 2009

So I love K-Mart

This morning, our errands took us close to K-Mart.  I only go into K-Mart about twice a year.  I am not sure why I don't go more often.  I always walk out with a treasure/bargain that makes me really happy.

Last year I found a jean jacket for Worm that was as cute as anything you see at Baby Gap, and it was $5 instead of $35.

Today, all my stars must have been aligned.  What does that mean? Is it an astrology reference?Note to self, look up "my stars" and see if the are well aligned today.  All I know about astrology is that I am a Leo and this is supposed to mean I am generous and like attention. Sure this is true about me, but how many of you non-Leos consider yourselves stingy and like to be ignored?  Thought so.

Anyway, my visit to K-Mart was fabulous! 

I found BIG towels (bigger than me big) for less than $10 each, they are $30 everywhere else. Truck will love these towels!

I heard the song "Just Between You and I" by Lou Gramm.  This song is so bad it's good.  Plus the title is grammatically incorrect and I always wonder if Lou knows this.  You know he has hit some hard times when his music is playing in K-mart.  I tried to find a good link so you could hear it too, but I could only find live versions that do not do justice to that clean 80's sound. Go get it on itunes, I think Lou could use the cash.

Really cute flip flops!  It is going to be almost 80 degrees here tomorrow.  I can't blog tonight, I have to get the piggies in shape. 

Mario Kart for Wii.  Every Monday, I check for this at Wal-Mart.  Every Monday, they tell me they are "complaining to their rep" about not having it.  I know I could get it at Best Buy, but I just wasn't ready to give up on Wal-Mart because walking all the way back to electronics kills ten minutes if the popcorn chicken isn't ready yet.  Guess I'll have to start checking out the automotive section now.  Maybe I'll pimp out the mom-mobile.

I also heard "Pleasure Principle".  I am not sure why Janet lets K-Mart play her tunes.  I don't think the economic crisis has hit her like it has Lou.  I heard it when I was walking through women's clothing.  The song was such a blast from my bast that I almost bought a very 80's inspired outfit.  Then I remembered that I didn't wear crap like that in the 80's either, so I put it back.  Man, I wish MTV still played videos...  I suspect girls will be wearing knee pads over their skinny jeans any day now.  We had skinny jeans in the 80's too, we called them pegged.

I bought Worm a polo shirt with little guitars all over it.  It came with denim shorts.  I suspect I will never actually put the denim shorts on him, but look for pics of the cute guitar shirt soon! I mentioned it will be really warm here tomorrow, right?

But the biggest coup of all?????  PLANET STICKERS!  I went four places yesterday, (Including Hobby Lobby where they have so many stickers you could find sticker's for your dog's birthday. Personalized. With your DOG'S name) but could not find any stickers of the planets.

So now I love K-Mart.

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