Thursday, March 5, 2009

So I love K-Mart for one more reason

The people who work there are very, very nice.

As I was getting ready to walk out, Worm had a throw-up burp.  That's right, he literally threw up in his mouth.  Kind of ironic after the Dad Gone Mad post I linked to yesterday.  Is that really irony?  Maybe it's just coincidence.  Great, now I have to look up my stars and irony.

Okay, so I was digging out my keys when Worm burped.  I immediately knew what had happened because the burp sounded unusually wet.  Then I looked at him.  The look on his face was hysterical.  Worm has never thrown up, so this was a new taste for him.  Lets just say he was not digging it.  Then he says "MAMA", all accusatory like I have somehow caused the throw-up burp, and starts to howl.  This is wear I got real confirmation of the throw-up burp, his breath reeked!

I start desperately digging through the diaper bag, but his cup must have been in the car. Luckily they have little fridges full of drinks right by the register, so I grab a bottled water and hop back in line.

Worm must have sounded REALLY pathetic (or scary) because the manager popped up and said "Oh, hon, just take the water and get on home."  Then someone else gave him a sticker.  He was so happy to get the drink of water that he wore the sticker all the way to the car.  Then he said "bye-bye" to it and stuck it in my hair.

I'm not still wearing that one.

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  1. Wow...that's really gross. At least none of it came out!