Friday, June 26, 2009

Mocking Potatoes

Did I ever write about the time I made mock mashed potatoes using steamed cauliflower? The healthy cookbook said my family wouldn't even know the difference. Holy Vegans, it was so gross! Clearly the cookbook author's family is a bunch of ruhtards. It's still the gold standard for gross things I make Huck try one bite of. Tonight I made smashed potatoes. He got confused about what those were and started to cry and said he didn't want mocking potatoes.


  1. L-O-L!! Love it! My hubby has been talking about wanting to eat healthier (which, if you know him, is a HUGE thing). He just has no idea what this previous vegetarian of 6 years is capable of ;)

  2. If you are interested in dissuading him from the healthy thing I can send you the recipe.