Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jesus is always good for a laugh

Last Saturday, Truck and I took the kids downtown for some family fun.  Truck hit the bar, I hit the corner and the kids hit the pipe.  Family fun indeed!

I kid.

Actually, we went to check out a new community sponsored event called "Take your Kid to Dickson Street".  We opted to take both kids because it was just too hot to leave one in the car.

Again with the kidding.

What I really wanted to share with you was an exchange I had with a dad outside one of the event areas.  It was a spot set aside for the kids to draw on the sidewalk with chalk.  I opted to wait with the stroller and Truck waded in with the boys.  The other dad was waiting with his stroller too.  

At first I was minding my own business, wiping some funk off the stroller's tray and admiring all the little chalk masterpieces.  Then something caught my eye.  I little girl named Mathilda had written of her love for Jesus directly above a spot where a kid named Landry had written his name.  Basically it said "Mathilda loves Jesus Landry".

I turned to the dad and said, "Hey, Mathilda thinks Jesus' last name is Landry."

Let me interrupt this story to clarify that I live in the Bible Belt.  Opening a conversation with a slightly irreverent Jesus remark could lead to unwanted witnessing and/or stoning. 

Stroller dad didn't miss a beat.  He replied, "Someone should tell her it's Christ."

So I said, "Really? I always thought it was Ovnazareth."

We both started laughing.

Then his wife walked up and gave me the stink eye.

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