Friday, June 12, 2009

One tough cracker and one not so tough cracker

Worm is eating some crackers.  They're thicker than usual and require extra vigorous biting. He made an attempt, but couldn't quite get a bite.  So he took the cracker out of his mouth and said, "Aw, maaan". 

Keep up the cute, Worm.  It's the only thing that's keeping you out of foster care.

Speaking of crackers....

Years ago, Huck came home from pre-school and laid this nugget in my lap, "Mr. Jason says I'm so white I'm like a cracker."

Yes, a daycare worker called my son a cracker. It's all good.  I referred to that guy as "the pedophile in training" so we're probably even.  Not that I really thought he was a pedophile, I just say crap like that.


  1. This was so random and funny I almost peed my pants!

  2. Poor Huck...he does get a little tan sometimes though...wanna get mooned, just ask to see the tan line and he'll drop his drawers faster than you can say cracker or ah, man!