Monday, June 29, 2009

Jelly Beans

Worm is cupping a tiny bowl of mixed Jelly Bellies. He's quite taken with the selection. He spends a few minutes touching each bean and saying all the colors he can name. Speckled isn't in his repertoire yet, he calls those pink.

Which bean will be first? The choice seems impossible. Finally, he selects a candy. I wait to hear his assessment. It's instant and definite. He spits it on his shirt. Black licorice.

I wipe his mouth and say, "Sorry, dude, some people like it. Try again."

Number two elicits cries of terror. Hot cinnamon.

"Oh, baby... I thought it would be cherry. Here drink some of my water. Better now? Wanna try again? No? Okay, I'll just leave them here in case you change your mind."

I settle down with a book thinking an Elmo DVD might buy me twenty minutes to read. I get thirty minutes! That's the toddler jackpot. The interruption is a sticky little hand on my leg. I look down and see his cheeks loaded with what has to be the remainder of his jelly beans.

He points to his mouth and says, "I like dat one!"

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