Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So I am wondering about something stupid, go figure

I couldn't sleep last night.  My brain was on hyper drive, but not about anything remotely important.  Here are some of the fascinating thoughts that kept me awake last night.

  • Are there any bills in the PTA basket I need to pay?  I'm the treasurer and I haven't actually written any checks in a month.  Is that normal?
  • Should I get up a 5 a.m. and shave my legs or 5:30 and skip it?  I opted for 5:30, if you care.
  • Are there any new shows that started this week that I meant to watch?
  • Should I order the pizza's for Huck's snack day online and set the time I want to pick them up, or should I just order them 20 minutes before I want to go get them?  Big dilemma, I know.
  • And my personal favorite, the thought that took thirty minutes of my life and flushed it down the crapper: what will we call next year?  This year is two-thousand nine.  Will next year be two-thousand ten or twenty ten?  

To my ear, twenty ten sounds better, but then twenty eleven sounds stupid, so will we switch back?  Pretty much every year until twenty twenty (because it HAS to be called twenty twenty, right?) is a toss up.  It all sounds weird - two-thousand seventeen, twenty seventeen - there's no clear winner there.

Who decides?  President Obama?  Anderson Cooper?  Paris Hilton?  If President Obama chooses, a bunch of people will say the year wrong just to drive home the point that they didn't vote for the guy.  If Paris Hilton chooses, we will end up having to pronounce it wrong and writing it with icons instead of numbers: @)!).  You just looked at the numbers on your keyboard to see if I used the right icons for 2010.  Admit it.

Anderson Cooper is my pick.  I'll start paying close attention to him in December to see which way he is leaning.  I'll let you know.

I'm going to try to get a quick nap now before I have to go get those pizza's for snack day.

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