Friday, April 10, 2009

So I had another great idea

Tonight I was discussing the blog with Coco and I told her sometimes strangers read my blog.  I explained that they find it by googling certain terms which coincide with the way I've worded something in a post. For example, if you google - dead rabbit in yard - you get over 200,000 results, but my blog is number six on the list.  Not too shabby, huh?  Of course, in less than 6 months of blogging, I have written two posts (click here & here if you want to read them) about hares who have gone to that big carrot patch in the sky.  So the odds are in my favor.

Anyway, thinking about the dead rabbits (yes, they are still there) gave me a great idea.  Instead of doing Easter baskets, I could just take the kids to the bushes on Sunday morning and tell them the Easter bunny didn't quite make it.

I'm brilliant, right?

Now I can eat all the candy myself, save the toys and games for their birthdays, and not have to spend hours Saturday night hiding plastic eggs all over the house.

This parenting stuff just gets easier and easier the drunker older I get.


  1. I say to definitely do will teach them about death and save you the trouble of hiding the eggs. Now we need to find a bunch of teeth to sprinkle around so we can make up a story about the tooth fairy getting killed too. That will save you a lot of cash in the near future. Brilliant!

  2. Sure, but how do we off the Big Guy? Good thing we have eight months to plan.