Friday, April 24, 2009

So I got nothin'

This week has been pretty light on blog fodder.

I thought I might have a good post last night because Huck had a field trip to a farm yesterday. I expected him to come home with a funny story or odd detail that only he would notice.  Nope, all he had to say about the field trip was it wasn't as fun as he thought it would be because it was all indoors.  He also added that it smelled so bad by the horses he gagged a little.  I would have bet money that the pigs or chickens made him gag, but horses?  Gagging at horses seemed kinda wussy to me.   Not that stables smell good, but have you ever smelled a chicken coop or pig sty?

Anyway, because he completely failed me, I am going to tell you a story about him from years ago that would have made the blog had it existed at the time.

Huck is normally the best behaved child ever.  However, there was this one time at band camp the mall, when he was three, that made me want to crawl in a hole.  

Let me start with a disclaimer.  I rarely spank Huck.  I am not pro spanking or anti spanking, I just don't care for it personally. Kind of like broccoli.  But he went through a phase where the threat of a spanking seemed to really get his attention.  And lets face it, when they are three years old, discipline is mostly about getting their attention.

So we were in a clothing store and he was running around and hiding in the hanging clothes.  I hate when kids do that.  I told him he could play, but he had to stay away from the racks.  After the second or third time of pulling him out of the clothes, I bent down to his level and very quietly said, "If you don't stay out of the clothes, I am going to pull your pants down in the middle of this store and spank you."

Huck then proceeded to pull his own pants down in the middle of the store, slap his own ass and say, "Are you going to do it to me like this, Mama?"


  1. Now that's funny stuff.

    Are you sure he didn't pick that up from something he overheard Truck telling you?

  2. Big E, my dad reads this blog.