Thursday, April 2, 2009

So the tooth fairy hasn't heard about the economic downturn

Huck finally lost his first tooth.  It's been hanging by a thread, but he wouldn't let us pull it. Tonight he let Truck have a go at it, and it popped right out.

There was more blood than I anticipated.  Also, the tooth looked weirdly tiny to me.  I don't have good tooth-loss memories.  Many of my baby teeth and four of my permanent teeth were pulled by a dentist because my jaw is small but my teeth are big (BTW, this dentist was an ass).  I only have 24 teeth, you probably have 28.  You are totally counting your teeth now, right? Truck has 32 teeth.  He has such a large jaw, there's room for his wisdom teeth too.  I am not sure if this makes him a Big Mouth or a Wise Ass.  

In fact, Jo had all hers too.  Comments anyone?

Anyway, back to Huck.  His tooth is out.  He is happy.

After we got him settled, I retrieved my wallet and pulled out the cash I've been holding onto for this occasion.  I had a one, a five, and three twenties.  Truck and I consulted briefly.  We decided the first tooth would get a twenty.  Wow, that's like almost half the cost of a new Wii game before taxes.  I'm fairly certain he will want to buy a new game with his money.  Guess who'll be using more of her cash to make up the rest of that expense?  


No really, Jo.


Okay, okay, it'll be me.

Can I borrow forty bucks?

I'm pretty sure I never got paper money for my teeth.  Not even the permanent ones.  I mean come on, not even a sympathy fiver for having to endure Novocain shots in my gums and a dentist who did not like kids?  Maybe I should whine to my parents and get some retroactive tooth money.  Looks like I'm gonna need it, Huck has another tooth loose already.


  1. Ok...Truck may be a Big Mouth and a Wise Ass...but not because of his full mouth of teeth. We simply have little teeth. And there's not a lot that's small about either one of us. So, let us have our little teeth and little's all we've got. Back off, Missy!!!

    PS Did you explain the poor economy to Huck so he won't expect so much for future fairy visits?

  2. Maybe little teeth & ears are a reverse proportion thing. The only thing that's big on me (besides my ass, but that is from birthing those stupid kids) is my teeth and ears.

    Huck knows that the $20 was a one time deal. He fully expects $2 next time.

  3. Maybe that's why you fit in so well with our family...the teeth and ears all balance out when we're mixed together!