Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I have a dead rabbit in my front yard

There is really and truly a bunny carcass in my front yard.  Apparently a neighborhood cat caught Bugs unawares.

The body has been in my bushes for months.  I didn't mind it.  No one could see it.  I wouldn't have ever seen it if I hadn't gotten all picky about how our yard looks and trimmed the bushes back.  When I discovered it, I was pretty creeped out for a minute.  Then I got over it and finished my yard work.  If I can't see it, its not really there, right?

That was October.  It is still there.  Only now some creature has dragged one leg out of the bushes and into the open part of my yard.  One furry little leg separated from the rest of the body.  I'm skeeved out just thinking about it.

So I was wondering.... would you, dear reader, like to remove the bunny carcass from my yard? If not for me, for Huck.  

Eventually Huck will have an occasion to be in the front yard.  He is a VERY sensitive little guy (obviously he got that from Truck). I have to change the channel when St. Judes commercials come on or he will tear up.  He will see something that tugs his heartstrings and talk about it endlessly for weeks.  A Feed the Children ad once sent him sobbing into my arms.  Imagine what an encounter with a severed bunny leg will do to this kid.  Help me out!

I would have done something about it by now if I could.  But I can't.  I now have the heebie jeebies because I was trying to imagine how I might dispose of this myself.

Please, please, please.  I will be your best friend.  I will invite you to my birthday party.  I will learn to french braid your hair.  I will make you a bracelet out of embroidery thread.  I will let you cheat off my spelling test (although you might want to take a pass at that - spell check and I are pretty tight). I will make you a mix tape.


  1. Seriously, man up and go out there with a Walmart sack and scoop the little fella up. Or, call my dear cousin's husband down the street and see if he'll walk over and take care of it. Hell, the cuz would probably do it herself. She ain't no sissy.

  2. There is NO WAY in hell I am scooping up bunny parts. Live animals are fine. I'll catch frogs & snakes & mice and any other nasty little thing - as long as it is ALIVE. Truck is home tonight. I will mention it to him. He knew the body was in the bushes & probably felt the way I did about leaving it there. I don't think he has noticed the leg on display yet.

    If it is still there next time you visit, you have a mix tape with your name on it!

  3. Awesome...is this the same rabbit that you pointed out at Christmas? I did go out and look at it, but it never dawned on me to remove it from the yard for you. That's how my brain works. If you had said to remove it or asked me to I would have...just didn't occur to me to do it otherwise!!! Maybe that's why my apartment is such a wreck right now. Oh well, maybe next time I'll take care of it if it's still there.

  4. Same rabbit, just with some parts relocated. I will have to renege on the mix tape. I don't seem to have a machine that actually plays or records tapes. I can however build you a custom playlist on my itunes and download it to the device of your choosing. It won't have all the customized clicks, whirs and static, but it would be from the heart.