Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So have I ever told you how much Worm likes his sandbox?

Worm really, really, really likes his sandbox. 

This afternoon I stuck my head out the back door in an attempt to take some pictures of the ice for Jo (because the beeyotch is in Hawaii where there is NOT currently an ice storm). Somehow, the worm managed to sneak past me.  He made a bee-line for his sandbox.  He did not care that it is currently an ice rink. 

Seriously, the sand is under a good three inches of solid ice.  

He was wearing a fleece sweat-suit and fuzzy socks and did not care that it was 18 degrees.  He was so furious with me for bringing him in that I finally had to run him a bath because the bathtub is the only thing he likes better than the sandbox.

Maybe he would like a dog crate?  I would give him toys and snacks.... sometimes.


  1. Don't be hatin' should be packing to come on over here Saturday. Wishing you hadn't changed your mind now???

  2. I am having some regrets. I keep telling myself I will be glad when I see my children enjoying a family vacation this summer. If the summer vacation does not happen, I will throw a giant temper tantrum, book myself a week in a spa and not tell anyone where I am. Hell, I might do that anyway....sans tantrum.

  3. Sounds like a plan to me!